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SailTimer: Optimal Tacks and TTD®

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could display the exact tacks to get there fastest?

Sailboats often tack to their destination, which affects the distance and travel time. The SailTimer™ tacking calculations were developed beginning in 2005 because GPS chartplotters didn't know how far your tacking route would be. But if they didn't know that distance, how could they calculate the ETA correctly? Since GPS is available, why not just calculate tacking distances? The SailTimer tacking results solved these problems, and set a new standard.

The SailTimer app provides an instant display of your optimal tacking route, distance and Tacking Time to Destination (TTD ®). It can also learn polars for your individual sailboat's performance in all wind speeds/directions, to provide more precise tacking results. This is the only product that uses your tacking distances to determine your optimal tack headings.

Marine charts

Add low-cost official charts in the app. Seamless quilted charts automatically move from one to the next. Raster charts based on the paper versions, or fast-loading vector charts from Navionics.

Navionics charts

Import worldwide Navionics vector charts into the app on Android and iOS. (Details here using iOS as an example). Also see tide and current. US$10.50, €10.50

Raster charts

Official NOAA charts for large US regions (US$15.99). Official New Zealand charts including Antarctica and SW Pacific (NZ$17.99). UK & Canada charts supported but no longer available for purchase.


Aerial photos and land maps of the entire world.

Use wireless Wind Instrument or enter wind manually, as in this example with the iOS app:

Update tacking results automatically as the wind changes, with our solar-powered, wireless Wind Instrument.

Waterproof hardcases for your tablet or smartphone: Lifeproof, Griffin. Hardcases with mounts: Hitcase, Dog and Bone. Canadian Yachting has some other good choices.

If your tablet does not have GPS, wireless GPS antennas are available such as the ones from Dual, Bad Elf and GNS.

SailTimer™ newsletter

Thousands of sailors worldwide receive the SailTimer newsletter every month or so.