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Media Coverage - SailTimer Products

Coverage in Print Publications

You’ve Never Seen Trailer Lights Like This Before. 2022 Buyer’s Guide, Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine, p. 86.

The Sailor’s Dilemma: Navigation Apps for Small Sailboats, Bluetooth Wind Instrument. Small Craft Advisor, Issue 128, Mar/Apr 2021, p. 34-35 (PDF, 10.4 MB).

Latitudes and Attitudes magazine: Overview of the new Wind Instrument RB™, Wind Gauge app and Audio Navigation (in their iconic first issue after the transition back from the Cruising Outpost name). Page 162, in Summer 2019 issue.

Cruising World: "Wind Whisperer". Review of the innovative new Wind Instrument RB™, noting that when the smartphone is put away safe and dry to use Audio Navigation with a paired speaker, it is like spoken-word Google Assistant out on the water. April 2019, p. 25 (PDF, 4.4 MB).

SpinSheet: Chesapeake Bay Sailing. "New Products at the Boat Show: SailTimer". Innovations in tacking app, which updates your optimal tacks automatically when connected to the wireless Wind Instrument. Oct. 2018, p. 80 (JPG, 156k).

Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Guide. "Navigation with New Wireless App & Crowdsourcing Technology". Overview of SailTimer products and recent innovations. Summer 2018 edition, pages 16-21 (PDF, 4.7 MB).

Multihulls magazine: Reporting On Catamarans and Trimarans Worldwide Since 1975. "SailTimer Audio Tacking: Solution for Seeing Android/iOS Screens Out On the Water". March/April 2018, p. 17.

Sea Technology magazine (USA): "Wind, Route Maps via Browser". Crowdsourcing live wind maps from wired anemometer with SailTimer Mini-Server or from wireless Wind Instrument. July 2017.

Sea Technology magazine (USA): "Sailboat Navigation Evolves: SailTimer App Improves Navigation Using Actual Boat Performance Data". Jan. 2017.

48° North - Pacific Northwest Sailing Magazine. Launch of the SailTimer Mini-Server™. Product news, Feb. 2017, p. 25. Also downloadable online.

New England Multihull Association: "Wireless Anemometer and Chartplotting for Multihull Sailors". Summer 2016 newsletter, page 10. PDF from newsletters list (21.5 MB), or screenshot of article (670 k).

Good Old Boat magazine. Product launchings: 2016 version of SailTimer Wind Instrument™. "Wireless True-Wind Data". March/April 2016 issue, p. 70.

Points East: The Boating Magazine for Coastal New England. SailTimer wireless anemometer. Midwinter issue, 2016 p. 62.

Yachting World magazine, Britain. New Gear section: update on our evolving wireless anemometers. Page 78, Dec. 2015.

Yacht magazine Germany. Coverage of new design for 2016 wireless SailTimer Wind Instrument™. 11/2015 issue. Magazine website

Cruising World magazine. May 2015, p. 66. Boats & Gear | New Products - SailTimer Wind Instrument™ (PDF, 14 MB).

Gam on Yachting magazine, Canada. April 2015 (p. 48): Multi-Waypoint Tacking Routes with the SailTimer App and Wind Instrument (PDF, 11 MB).

Cruising Helmsman magazine, Australia. Feb. 2015: Anemometer Redesigned for Accuracy (JPG, 500 k).

ABC The Great Spanish Newspaper covers the launch of the SailTimer Wind Instrument™, 21/12/14 (in Spanish, but can be translated in Chrome browser or at Con SailTimer Wind un cable menos en el mástil.

Multihulls magazine covers the launch of the new wireless, solar-powered SailTimer Wind Instrument™. Nov./Dec. 2014 issue.

Overview of SailTimer™ innovations in GAM on Yachting magazine, up to the most recent: New Wind Instrument Designed for Heeling Sailboats. August Boat Show issue, 2013, pages 36-38 (PDF 2.7 MB).

Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Guide 2013: "Wireless, solar-powered SailTimer Wind Vane: How apps and appcessories are changing sailboat navigation". Pages 30-33 (PDF, 2.4 MB).

Practical Sailor magazine notes that the SailTimer Wind Vane is "dead-simple to set up and use with an iPad and iPhone", April 2013, p. 23: The Fine Art of Sensing The Wind.

Saltscapes magazine: "Is There An App For That? Navigational tools have come a long way -- here's where they're headed now". March/April 2013, pp. 40-48. See photo above: Hit the Open Water - Annual Boating Section.

Product Watch: SailTimer Wind Vane and sailing watercolors in the SailTimer app.
GAM on Yachting, Jan. 2013 Toronto Boat Show Issue, pages 60-63 (PDF, 3.2 MB).

Practical Boat Owner, "SailTimer Wind Vane and App" review, December 2012, p. 88 (JPG, 1.1 MB).

Multihulls magazine: reviews of SailTimer app and Wind Vane, pages 10-11, July/August 2012 (PDF, 2.1 MB).

Seilas (Sailing) Norway: "Anemometer for iPad", Sept. 2012.

SailTimer Inc. and Nova Scotia's Seafaring Heritage. 2011-2012 Annual Report, Community Business Development Corporation, CBDC Blue Water, Nova Scotia, Canada, pages 14-15 (PDF, 74 k).

TTD: A New Parameter for Sailboat Navigation. GAM on Yachting magazine, Summer 2012, pp. 18-22 (PDF, 700k).

Practical Boat Owner, June 2012. Product news about The Sailing GPS in the popular British sailing magazine.

The Sailing GPS featured in The Irish Times, Dublin Ireland (Saturday May 5th edition, 2012).

48 North - The Sailing Magazine (April 2011, p. 35). Optimal tacks and polar learning in The Sailing GPS (PDF, 1.5mb).

Review of The Sailing GPS and our SailTimer app: GAM on Yachting magazine. Boat show issue, Jan. 2010, pp. 40-43 (PDF, 848k).

Yachting World, January 2010 issue, page 32.

Bad News for Velocity Made Good: article from the May-June 2009 issue of GAM on Yachting magazine (PDF, 836k). For a summary of the problem, see this page.

Good Old Boat (July/Aug. 2007, pp. 79-80).

Cruising World (March 2007, pp. 70-73).

Online Media Coverage

Small Craft Life: Small Sailboat Masthead Bling. Photos and short description of SailTimer Wind Instrument mounting with LED light for 19-foot Flying Scott centerboard sailboat class. Also aerial view from SailTimer app on iOS. (Full page requires a subscription, but most of the content for this page is already visible.) 24 July, 2023.

RV News: The Voice of the RV Industry. Marine Supplier Develops Wireless RV Trailer Lights. 30 Nov., 2022.

Boating Equipment News. New Gear: Wireless Speedy Trailer Lights. 20 Oct., 2022.

Canadian Yachting Onboard newsletter. Preliminary announcement: “Speedy Trailer Lights”, 9 Sept., 2021. Further details at

Online news for Australian Sailing, Australian Yachting and Cruising Helmsman magazines: The Virtual Tactician in, 19 July 2021.

Canadian Yachting magazine: “SailTimer masthead instrument” summary in Onboard newsletter, with more indepth product details at New Canadian product: SailTimer masthead instrument, 12 March, 2020.

Australian sailing news site Deciphering true and apparent wind direction and wind angle, 10 Feb. 2020.

Australian sailing news site Where sailboat navigation is going in 2020, 16 Dec. 2019.

Marine Business World: The new Wind Instrument RB™ with replaceable battery and longer transmission distance. Jan. 20 2019.

Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast. Interview about SailTimer chartplotter app and Wind Instrument at Annapolis Sailboat Show. Episode 97 has an MP3 recording on the web page, or find it in your favourite podcast app. The interview is about 5 minutes, beginning at 32 minutes and 37 seconds in. Nov. 9 2018

Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine: Overview of SailTimer Wind Instrument and apps, in YouTube interview from the Annapolis Sailboat Show (4 min.). Oct. 8 2018.

Boating Industry Canada: SailTimer Audio Navigation - No Screen needed. Summary of new audio feedback on wind conditions and boat speed in SailTimer Wind Gauge™ app (version 2.3) on Android. Aug. 28, 2018.

Multihulls World magazine and Multicoques Mag. Listing of SailTimer electronics, apps and crowdsourced wind maps in online directory, along with screenshots. English and French versions. April 2018.

Multihulls magazine: SailTimer Air Link and SailBuddy app. Jan.-Feb. 2018, p. 14.

Huffington Post: Sailing in the Age of Smartphones: Audio Interface in the Post-Screen World. (PDF, 57k.)  Dec. 17, 2017.

Ocean Navigator magazine story on Navionics worldwide vector charts now being available in SailTimer chartplotter app on iOS. Navionics Cartography Enhances Mobile Apps. July 11 2017.

Boating Industry Canada: Voice Interface in Updated SailTimer Wind Gauge™ App. April 9, 2017.

Australian Sailing magazine's website The new SailTimer Mini-Server connects wireless and wired devices. Dec 2016.

Pocket Mariner blog: SailTimer Wind Instrument, SeaNav and Pebble SmartWatch. Report on an update to the SeaNav app that connects to the wireless Wind Instrument. The SeaNav app can show wind speed and direction on a Pebble watch, and also has an innovative new wind gauge that shows wind direction and wind angle in the same display.

User Review on YouTube: Capt. Dom, the Vagabond Epicurean. Wireless, solar-powered wind instrument with Android apps (8 minutes). May 2016.

The Coastal Passage - Australia. Free magazine with PDF download. Detailed background on the evolution of features and innovations in the SailTimer Wind Instrument™. Wireless Anemometer and Chartplotting for Ordinary Sailors (6.7 MB). Issue 77, pages 45-48. April-May 2016. the crowd-sourced cruising guide. "SailTimer Developments", March 9, 2016 newsletter.

Sittbrunnen - Swedish sailing blog. Wireless anemometer. Feb. 28, 2016. Installation video high up on masthead. July 20, 2016.

New design for SailTimer wireless Wind Instrument - new features in 2016 version. Australian sailing news site, from Cruising Helmsman and Australian Sailing magazine. 23 Nov. 2015.

Crowd-Sourced Wind Maps - Where Sailboat Navigation is Going in 2016., the online presence for Australian Sailing magazine and Cruising Helmsman magazine. 23 Nov. 2015.

Hobie Cat forum: User pictures of unboxing and mounting the Wind Instrument on a trimaran kayak: SailTimer Wind Instrument Mounted on Rotating Mast of a Hobie Tandem Island forum post and YouTube video showing the wireless anemometer and app working together in same frame. Oct. 2015.

Product overview - new wireless SailTimer Wind Instrument. Canadian Yachting online. Jan. 2015.

Spain online publications covering launch of the SailTimer Wind Instrument™, Dec. 2014 (in Spanish, but can be translated in Chrome or at "Con SailTimer Wind un cable menos en el mástil", in Masmar: tu portal nautico en Internet, Vigo Ultima Hora and Pontoon: Noticias & News & Communiques.

NauticEd sailing certification and training: Explanation of SailTimer app in What is VMG? Velocity Made Good and Polar Plots, Sept. 2013.

SAIL Magazine electronics & navigation gear: SailTimer Wireless Wind Sensor, June 2013. Celebrate the summer solstice with great chart deals. June 2013.

Digital Yacht Ltd. blog on their NMEA multiplexer for onboard networks connecting by wifi to SailTimer app and Wind Vane. March, 2013.

Blue Water Sailing magazine Cruising Compass newsletter, January 2013.

2013 Toronto Boat Show (Canada) - New Product Showcase. Overview of innovations in both the SailTimer Wind Vane and app.

Cruising World magazine online: review of SailTimer products, Dec. 2012. Original article is gone, but link is to screenshot. Also posted online at Yachting magazine (no longer available). Reprinted from a discussion on disruptive innovation in the SailTimer products, in Panbo blog on marine electronics, Dec. 2012.

ActiveCaptain newsletter article on SailTimer app and SailTimer Wind Vane, July 2012.

Gizmodo (April 2012) - A GPS Designed Specifically for Pirates (and Other Sailing Types).

Blue Water Sailing magazine's Cruising Compass newsletter (April 11, 2012):
The Sailing GPS does what no other GPS can (PDF, 90k) and screenshot.

GizMag (April 2012) - The Sailing GPS understands tacking... and lots more (required reading if you sail).

Review of products addressing VMG problems: Nov. 27, 2009.

2009 product review of iPhone app at Panbo - The Marine Electronics Weblog.

iPhone app reviewed at Australia (Nov. 2009).

2006 coverage of NavSim - SailTimer at Panbo - The Marine Electronics Blog.

SailTimer for Google Maps: Free Navigation Software With Aerial Photos of Your Favorite Sailing Location. - Serious Answers for Serious Cruisers. Nov. 2006.

SailTimer for Windows. Sailing Scuttlebutt Newsletter, July 2006.

Boat Show Announcements & Press Releases

Canada's Ocean Supercluster Announces $1.8M Crowdsourced Wind Maps Project, Aug. 18, 2022. PDF, 168k.

Speedy Trailer Lights pre-ordering and shipping announcement including Press Kit, Nov. 11 2022. You've Never Seen Trailer Lights Like These Before. PDF, 428k.

Speedy Trailer Lights launch announcement, Aug. 27 2022. Wireless Boat Trailer Lights. PDF, 778k.

MCI New Distributor for Stores in Britain & Europe. May 28 2020 (PDF, 62k).

New Subscription Plan for Wireless Wind Instrument: Lifetime Warranty, Low Price, Always Have Newest Model. Jan. 13, 2020 (PDF, 124kb).

Miami Boat Show: The new Wind Instrument RB™ official launch Feb. 2019. See overview in the Strictly Sail boat show guide.

Voice Interface in update to SailTimer Wind Gauge™ app on Android. April 7 2017 (PDF, 57k).

Launch announcement for 3rd generation of wireless SailTimer Wind Instrument™. Nov. 4, 2015 (PDF, 799 k).

Dusseldorf Boat Show, Germany: the SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is displayed with the impressive Corsair trimarans. Hall 15 - Booth D42, January 17-25, 2015.

Pre-ordering begins for new wireless SailTimer Wind Instrument™. Nov. 28, 2014 (PDF, 221k | .doc 160k).

Innovative new SailTimer Wind Instrument™ about to be launched. Nov. 6, 2014 (PDF, 455 k).

Announcement of 2015 design of Wind Instrument at booth of reseller in France, at 2014 Paris Nautic boat show. PDF, 118k

SailTimer App Supports Hydrographic Charts and Wireless Wind Vane (July 16 2012): Word | PDF

Patent awarded by US Patent and Trademark Office. April 2012 (PDF, 2.1 MB).

BoatCruiser 2.0 - Sailboat Edition (Nov. 6 2006): Word | PDF

SailTimer for Google Maps (Nov. 2 2006): Word | PDF

The Original SailTimer (June 29 2006): Word | PDF